Although I am more of a proponent of deep work and in-real-life experiences, lately I can see that there is merit in social media and online connection if used with limits and with the goal of positive connections.

I propose that scholars should do our part to flood the internet with content that adds value to people’s lives and expands their mind.

When I assumed editorship of Moreana, I discovered a platform called Kudos, and I believe it’s a great way for us to achieve that goal.

What Is Kudos?

Founded in 2013, Kudos is an award-winning site that has cultivated a community of researchers from across the globe who use the platform to share their work. Essentially, it is a tool for bringing research and publications to life, allowing us to connect and interact with a larger, more relevant audience.

As their site says, “Without dissemination, research has no impact.” Kudos was designed for researchers and educators to ensure their publications are found, read and cited. Because we all are constantly flooded with information, this is a way for our research to stand out.  Kudos also allows us to measure clicks, views, downloads, etc. so we know which channels are most effective.

How to Use Kudos

In my experience with the site, I can testify that Kudos is very user-friendly. Registration is free, but a premium service for research groups will be coming soon, according to their website.

On your Kudos profile, you can share published works. For example, I’ve uploaded many Moreana publications and scholarly journal articles to my Kudos profile. You’ll then have to option to enrich any articles you share by adding links to data, images, media coverage, and more, pointing readers to related resources.

All your articles will be conveniently accessible in one “hub” (pictured below).


You’re able to link other social profiles to your Kudos page, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and more, allowing professionals with similar interests to connect with you on these other platforms. You can also share a link to any Kudos articles you publish if you connect your social media profiles to the site.

Give It A Try

I genuinely believe Kudos is a great profile for professors and researchers in any field. A recent study showed that sharing works via Kudos leads to 23% higher growth in full-text downloads, and adding work to your profile takes very little time. There is even a handy user guide to answer most questions you may have.

Visit to check it out for yourself, or see my page at for an example.